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Data Entry services for commercial & industrial purpose

Data Entry/inputting services:

Data entry services play a crucial role in industries and companies. Many industries still use paper based transaction, reports, and communication. Industries require data entry process to make their record digitalize. Data entry service improves operational efficiency.

Data Entry services for commercial & industrial purpose
Data Entry Outsourcing and Consulting


Our data entry professional are expert in handling handwritten, printed/typewritten documents in the variety of formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle Database, Informix, MySQL database, Sybase and much more. Specialized services we overture in data entry services involve

Online data entry services:

Online data entry service is used to develop the virtual/online update of data’s. Online data entry is helpful in converting raw data into electronic format. Online data entry is favorable for hospitals, shipping companies, banks, financial institutes, real estate, legal firm and much more.

Offline data entry services:

Offline data entry service is a backend process for companies. Industries and companies cannot maintain a large number of raw data’s and documents so Offline date entry is done. Offline data entry is beneficial in form of receipts, bills, and invoices, checks and much more.

Printed/ handwritten data entry services:

Business growth is moving forward to paperless/electronic data. Which reduce the inconsistency in searching data. We undertake not only companies and industrial records our services include data entry for municipal records, birth records, town records and other legal documents from original paper format to digital/electronic format.

Image data entry services:

Image data entry is a solid task which growing companies deal with. We encrypt and give you’re the accessible format. Our services include an image capturing, keying, sorting, merging & editing, indexing, extraction of data from images and image conversion.

Book data entry services:

Book data entry services are used in converting paper books into eBooks for the publishers. Our expertise includes data entry, scanning, optical character recognition and formatting.

Copy paste data entry services:

Copy paste data is an essential and cost-effective task for business. Our added services web content, PDF to excel, informational content contact details and e-mail address, website links and much more

Invoice data entry services:

Invoice data entry is used in improving the digitalization of billings and integrates finance process of business. Data entry from hard copies invoices, scanning invoice hard copy, scanned images of invoices, capturing, sorting and indexing data.

The company reports data entry:

Company reports benefit in knowing the standard of the company. Company annual report is taken to know the company position in a competition of business world. Our company reports data entry services include survey reports, financial reports, market analysis reports, statistical and other company reports

Catalog data entry services:

Catalog plays a most crucial role in the e-commerce business. The catalog is used for displaying product information to the customers. Our specialized services in catalog data entry services are catalog building & indexing, e-commerce order processing, product data entry, image & graphic support, data mining and catalog conversion services.

Legal documents data entry services:

Legal documents contain confidential and crucial legal information. Having many Paper documents take a lot of time to search. Converting manual paper documents into digital documents saves time and makes the search process easy. We provide highly confidential legal document entry services. Some of our legal document entry involve legislation scans, shipping documents, divorce forms, insurance claim records, property related documents, court forms and case details data entry.

Data entry services for the mailing list:

The well-developed mail list is the key elements of business development. It is an easy means of communication with the clients. Data entry services are useful in finding potential buyers through mail. Our data entry services for mailing list are creating your own mailing list with accurate mailing list data, mailing list data entry process and mailing list data entry everywhere.

PDF data entry services:

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a most commonly used document format. Our expert has the capability to extract data accurately without losing any information with any format. PDF data entry service include PDF data extraction, PDF data entry, PDF to word conversion, PDF to excel and PDF to HTML/XML

Yellow pages data entry services:

Yellow pages are the most dependable source of business development. With yellow pages data entry services we can effortlessly do the manual extraction of data. There is no need to spend the large amount for local and qualified staffs. Quick time turnaround and high-quality services for business using yellow page data entry services.

Questionnaires/Survey data entry services:

The regular survey is needed to maintain the standard and development of the business. In business different kinds of surveys are taken to collect the required information. Survey data entry services are used to assure quality, the enhanced usability of information, increased focus on core competencies and improve flexibility.

Restaurant menu data entry services:

In recent times restaurant online delivery services have increased rapidly. With the wide range of menu, people can easily get the different variety of food at their doorstep. So online menu card is crucial to attract and impress customers. Our expertise includes data entry services for restaurants, menu design and menu conversion for restaurants, menu formatting, and restaurant order management.

Food nutrition scale data entry services:

Food nutrition scale is used to give healthy and proper diet to the customers.  People are more cautious in choosing food especially nutrition information in the label. Our specialized services for restaurants, food store, healthcare, food product company and food marketplace.

Logistics data entry services:

Logistics and transportation companies need to process lots of forms. To stay in this competitive business quick delivery is important.  Our services in logistics data entry are contract/rate management, freight bill auditing, freight bill processing, invoice processing, bill of lading verification and data entry and much more.

Foreign language data entry services:

Spanish, French, and Portuguese are most popular foreign language. We have experts in not only in popular foreign languages but also in multi languages. We offer multiple foreign language data entry services with affordable cost.

Our other data management services include


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