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Beautiful Portrait Photography Ideas for Fashion Photographers

Fashion Photography

Portrait Photography

Fashion Photography- highly exclusive and competitive industry, it requires dedication, commitment, and hard work. In the present world, digital retouching and social media are successful in fashion photography is more fashionable than ever. Fashion photography as its own aesthetic in which the clothes and beauty are enhanced by the appearance of exotic locations or accessories. It’s an opportunity to fashion photographer to shoot with the perfect clothing and ideal background, and with the mix of light and color.

Fashion Photography
Beautiful Portrait Photography Ideas for Fashion Photographers

Tips to improve your Portrait Photography

  • Expression
  • Composition
  • Light
  • Settings
  • Poses

Expression- generation needs genuine emotion and not to be posted, cheesy smile and it is more important than places, light, and expensive gear. Customers won’t choose the blurry images with bad compositions that mean those images are honest portrayals of themselves.

Composition- composing images is to attract the viewer’s eye straight to the most important detail of the portrait, specifically the eyes and face. The eye is proven scientifically that it is the most attracted to four different points of an image and it helps the frame in the most pleasing manner.

Light- it deserves its own article but concise, and it has the power to make or break a portrait photo. Two types of lights can be used, one is natural light with fashionable sunlight which gives the strong shadows and it brings mysterious atmosphere and Second, artificial light using LED panel or flash.

Settings- easy too carried away with settings and gear, and the best idea is to take one lens and camera body on a shoot. Customers want to see a creative portrait, not technical perfect portrait and every DSLR has aperture priority mode. Sometimes the camera doesn’t do a good job in selecting the shutter speed, but through it can be easily overridden with the exposure compensation setting and this is less time-consuming.

Poses- it does not lie, when it comes to personally posing is a difficult time because hand placement can make or break a photo and it is all about placing your subjects or objects in the most flattering positions.


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