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Transcription Services:

Transcription services are the process of converting audio & video into digital text document format. Transcription services are widely used for maintaining records for multiple businesses. Our specialization includes foreign language Transcription services. For business, industries have to maintain a large number of the document, file records which consume more time to search. With our advanced transcription technique our experts transcript all paper document into required electronic format with an affordable cost.

Professional Transcription Services
Transcription Services for Business

Various transcription services offered by our professional expert’s involve

Academic Transcription Services:

Maintaining academic records is significant. In Academic Transcription Services We handle Universities Transcription and educational transcription services for institutions which include transcription for class lecture, conference, group discussion, research work transcripts and podcast transcription.

Corporate Transcription Services:

Corporate companies need backroom transcriptions for maintaining records of different domains. They don’t have enough time for this process. We provide fast and unique transcription service with efficiency. Our various corporate transcription services include corporate meetings, corporate speeches, sales & financial reports, audiovisual & interview, annual meetings, teleconferences and much more.

Legal & Law Enforcement Transcription Services:

Legal transcription needs accurate audio & video to text transcription. We provide cost effective and secure and high-end legal & law enforcement transcription services.

Services we offer in legal transcription involve administrative hearings, public hearings, multi-speaker interviews, recordings of hearings, courtroom proceedings, and audio & video deposition recordings

Services we offer for law enforcement transcription services include voice mails, suspect &recorded interviews, witness statements, wiretaps, and interrogations.

Business Transcription Services:

Transcription services generate or crack business. Time and money are more precious for business. Business transcription is more crucial in the growth of business. We offer the wide range of business transcription services which involve financial transcriptions, insurance claim transcriptions, business meeting transcription, corporate boardroom meeting transcriptions, focus group and conference call transcriptions, management consulting transcriptions, market research transcription, and much more transcription services.

Audio & Video Transcription Services:

We expertise in both audio and video transcription by reducing the unwanted background noise, improving the quality of audio and clarity of the video. Our Audio transcription services include cassette tapes and mini tapes and physical formats. Our Video transcription services include YouTube links, Video files to DVD and VHS tapes.

Medical Transcription Services:

Medical transcription is decisive for medical practice. The medical transcript is crucial in research studies, physical practice, hospitals and multispecialty clinic we provide from voice to high-end text transcription services our services are reliable for hospitals and medical groups, private medical offices, doctor work in multiple locations and independent health care providers.

Foreign Language Transcription Services or Bilingual Transcription Services:

Multinational companies have the client from different countries. Time consumption is more crucial in business. We provide the transcription of foreign language audio and video in English language or any other required language as per client interest. Some of the languages transcription we provide

  • French Language Transcription
  • German Language Transcription
  • Spanish Language Transcription
  • Japanese Language Transcription
  • Chinese Language Transcription
  • Portuguese Language Transcription
  • Russian Language Transcription
  • And many more foreign languages

Our professional transcription service is suitable for commercial and industrial purposes. With our experienced professionals, we provide high-end results and QuickTime delivery of projects. We have 24/7 customer support. For Free Trial contact us on admin@samstudio.co