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What is Black Hat SEO? Different Types of Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is defined that the technical as well as the social standards for the legitimate crafting of websites and pages to get search engine visibility. Black hat Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the unethical or aggressive techniques used by some webmasters to gain higher search engine ranking. Black hat SEO represents practices deemed unfair by the general internet community, and changes to major search engines such as Google have been made to prevent black hat webmasters from obtaining the results. Black hat SEO is also known as a number of other terms, including spam indexing, search engine spam, search engine poisoning, search spam and web spam.

Black Hat SEO is the general term given to those who seek to optimize a website but do so in a way that is considered dishonest and may end up with the website being banned by some or all Search engines. Black hat SEO refers to the attempt of improve rankings in ways that are not approved by search engines and involve deception. Black hat SEO tactics are any aggressive strategies are techniques used for the sole purpose of manipulating search engines into granting favorable ranking results without consideration of the human audience or user experience.

Types of Black Hat SEO Techniques

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Duplicating content
  • Content duplicating and spinning
  • Link exchanges
  • Article spinning
  • Hiding paid links
  • Link farms
  • Automatic links
  • Hidden text
  • Cross linking
  • Copying content
  • Spamming other sites
  • Cloaking
  • Excessive bookmarking

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a deceptive technique meant to trick search engines into thinking content is more relevant than it actually is by overloading a Web page with keywords. 

Duplicating content

The same content on every page with only the keywords changed, like a template. Search engines have the hard time knowing an original author and date of who had the original content.


Cloaking is when websites have the HTML that shows up for the visitor, and the HTML that shows up for the Google bot, differ. Search engine robots different text than normal users would see when opening the same page.

Article spinning

Article spinning  is the process of re-writing an article to create new “original” copies in an attempt to avoid duplicate content issues that can result in a penalty from search engines like Google when article marketing your website.

Hidden Text

The robots don’t know that website con-artists has white-on-white words, it just searches for words without being able to detect (at first) if they are the same color as the background. 


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