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Engineering services provider

To increasing the core business process and industrial purposes, an outsourcing process is must necessary for the engineering industry. Reducing industrial pressure, lack of knowledge, to save cost, time and to avoid industrial hazards, companies are outsource engineering services to global or individual engineering service outsource provider.

Cutting Edge Outsourcing Solutions to Engineering Services

Delivering agile, robust, and advanced engineering solutions are the biggest concern of outsourcing services provider. Understanding the current strategies and planning and building strong and innovative solutions without any business hazards will be handover by the trusted company.

Sam studio is the globalized outsourcing engineering service providing vendor delivers multi-purpose of engineering solutions to our customers from all over countries. Our team of engineering professionals, technology experts, architects will efficiently understand your focus of needs and find the factors to improve your business. Our wide range of outsourcing service not only serve engineering industry, it also supports all kinds of business industries etc.

Engineering services provider
Engineering services outsource provider

Key Areas of our outsource engineering services

Sam studio following four types of key process to support your business. Those key factors are followed as,

  • Create
  • Validate
  • Build
  • Support

Why outsource engineering services to Sam studio?

  • Low operational cost
  • Save time
  • Save manpower
  • Quality outcomes
  • 24 hours customer support

Types of Engineering Services

Electrical Engineering Services

  • Electrical engineering circuit design services
  • Digital microprocessor design
  • Analog electronics design
  • Power electronics design
  • Electrical layout design services
  • PCB design and layout services
  • Electrical instrument development services

Civil Engineering Services

  • General civil engineering services
  • Structural civil engineering services
  • Environmental engineering
  • Fire protection engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Water resources engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Materials science
  • Surveying
  • Transportation engineering

Mechanical Engineering Services

  • Plant designing
  • CAD Conversion services
  • Migration services
  • 3D modeling and 3D animation services
  • 2D drafting and rendering services
  • Reverse engineering and finite element analysis

Structural Engineering Services

  • Industrial structure design and analysis
  • Custom home design and analysis
  • Finite element modeling and
  • Finite element analysis

Architectural Engineering Services

  • 3D rendering
  • Landscape design and modeling
  • 3D architectural and 3D animation

The skilled professional at Sam studio capitalizing the key ideas and working to delivers qualitative outcomes within swift turnaround time and within your budget level.