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Latest Web Development technologies 2018 | Web Development trends

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Web Development Technologies

Web Development- at high-speed technologies are growing, web development trends can change even before they can be implemented. Implement innovative ideas, and follow the development trends to notice your business website among all the active websites. Today’s trend does not mean that tomorrow it will be in the trend, it must be updated.

web development
Latest Web Development technologies 2018

 Some web development technologies involve

  • JavaScript
  • Motion UI
  • Single page websites
  • Static websites
  • Progressive web apps

JavaScript- it is one of the most web development trends and it still continues to develop. Easy to use and it is user-friendly language. Angular, React, and Node are the development frameworks of JavaScript, to make communication faster between the website and the user. Node.JS can be used and it enhances real-time interaction between the website and the user. Libraries, frameworks, and technologies are also known as an ecosystem of JavaScript. Developers need to learn the fundamentals of JavaScript like functions, Classes, RAIL, and Node, etc.

Motion UI- used to add animations to your website like background animation, page header transitions, and animated chats etc. animations are allowing more unique styles which will differentiate your website from others. With the help of motion UI, you stand your website out from the crowd.

Single page websites- In today’s world users are all about simplicity and speed, and that’s exactly single page websites provides. By the name can decide it consist of just one long webpage, there is no menu or complex navigational system as before instead of that it is divided into some logical sections. The user needs to scroll down in one continuous motion or click links to go for another relevant section. Single page websites look good on all the devices and even help to boost conversions.

Static websites- it’s simple, secure, its loads quickly and inexpensive to develop. Static sites are advanced and which combines the advantages of a static website and CMS.


Progressive web apps- appear as a great concept, when it comes to the mobile sites and native apps and it is based on the internet and adoption of HTML5. It can be saved the shortcut on the home screen if it used frequently, and it’s becoming a true web development trend by gaining traction.

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